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Breast massage  is a simple, yet effective way of self-care, wellness and healing. The breasts are organs of love, security, and nourishment for your baby, as well as pleasure for you. Taking care of these female organs is a wonderful way of connecting with your body and taking care of yourself. Breast massage can be done at any time of the day and it can last from 5 – 15 minutes.

The benefits of breast massage

• Promotes lymph circulation. The breasts are made up of fatty tissue with lymph constantly flowing through and cleansing the tissue. There are also ducts for the flow and production of milk.

• Restored range of motion in the upper body

• Strengthens the muscle tissue of the chest

• Improves the elasticity of breasts hence preventing sagging

• Supports the release of toxins such as pesticides and other environmental toxins. Massage helps the body eliminate toxins. It has been proven to be effective at reducing lymph build-up in the body in post-op mastectomy breast cancer survivors.

• Helps prevent clogged milk ducts

• Increase the flow of Prana/Breath in the chest

• Nourishes the heart chakra and helps letting go deep-seated emotions.

These physical benefits may provide psychological and emotional improvements such as reduced levels of anxiety, stress, and better sleep.

Breast Massage Technique

Making breast massage a ritual allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual support and cleansing. Incorporate this Breast Massage Ritual into your daily routine or offer it to yourself as a treat once a week. Breast massage can be done with a carrier oil or balm so have this ready before you begin.

Envision your breasts as healthy, beautiful, full and if pregnant, abundant with milk.

1. You may begin with a whole body self-massage, or abhyanga, to ground yourself.

2. Place your hands at your heart in gratitude for all that you and your body do and give on a daily basis. Take few deep breaths. Through your hands, send the energy to your heart to release any tension and heal deep-seated emotions.breast massage

3. Dip your fingers in a balm (Breast Balm) or warm oil with essential oils safe to be used in pregnancy.

breast massage

4. Begin massaging your left breast in a circular motion moving from around the nipple towards the outside of your breasts.

breast massage

4a. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Place your left hand above your left breast and your right hand under your left breast. Do gentle ‘squeeze’ strokes, one hand at the time for 1-2 minutes.

breast massage

5a. Repeat on the opposite side (right hand above your right breast, left hand under your right breast).

6. Place palms of your hands on opposite sides of your left breast. Do gentle strokes pressing on a breast with the palm of your hand.

breast massage

6a. Repeat on the opposite side.

7. Massage your chest in circular motion from the inside towards your armpits.

breast massage

8. Massage behind your collarbone from the inside in towards your armpits using long strokes.

breast massage

9. Cover your heart with your hands, feeling love, peace, and happiness.

Breast massage can take you somewhere between 5-15 minutes. You can repeat each stroke for as long as it feels comfortable.

Breast massage and Aromatherapy

Essential oils and carrier oils can add a pleasant aroma to your blend, but more importantly, they can balance hormones, increase blood circulation, lower your anxiety levels and give many other benefits mentioned above. Always be sure you use the best quality oils that are distilled, unrefined and whenever possible, organic.


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