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Custom Blended Skincare is a natural solution for the most demanding skin.

Every individual has unique skin characteristics and his/her skin condition changes with age, environment and lifestyle. Sometimes, even the most natural product can cause skin sensitivity and inflammation, because of one or more ingredients in it.

It is on these principles that Shamama Therapy formulates Custom-Blended Skincare that can meet all your skin needs.

Pure & Therapeutic

Effective & Natural

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Parabens, Sulphates and Preservatives Free.

From the most hydrating of balms and oils, to highly nourishing, healing and enhancing serums, every skin’s needs are met.

Emphasis is placed on a personalised skincare regime that deeply cleanses, tones, moisturises and nourishes your skin and helps you rediscover beautifully ageless skin.

Custom – Blended Skincare

1. Skin Assessment

Receive an in-depth skin analysis and a review of your concerns.

2. Selection of Your Unique Combination

The perfect combination of natural, active ingredients will be selected based on your individual skin needs.

3. Your Personalized Solution

A customized skin care product is prepared with your own unique blend of ingredients and sent out to you.

After few weeks your product will be reviewed and adjusted if needed as your skin evolves over time (due to change of season, environment or lifestyle).

Created by Nature with a helping hand from Aromatherapist Weronika Rudnicka, each product is hand made.

Orders & Consultations

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