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Baby Skincare – Aromatherapy

Baby Skincare – Aromatherapy

Baby Skincare – why choose essential oils?

Aromatherapy can be beneficial to babies and children, as much as they are to adults. Babies and children of all ages, and states of health. Babies have very soft skin, it is an average 30% thinner than adults skin. It means it absorbs more of what is applied to it. Also, it has a less effective barrier against chemical toxins.
Baby’s skin has a greater tendency to dryness and irritation, is more prone to allergies and absorbs more water.

Almost all essential oils are antiseptic. Some have strong antibacterial properties, others are antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral or antispasmodic. Therefore essential oils are used in aromatherapy to strengthen the immune system, treat digestive disorders, support nervous system and treat many skin conditions among others. Essential oils in baby skincare can help soothe and calm nappy rash, eczema, inflammation, dryness, skin infections, and redness.

Essential Oils: Mandarin, Sweet orange, Roman chamomile, Lavender, Sandalwood,
Carrier Oils : Choose from base oils that are best for sensitive and delicate skin – rich in vitamins and nourishing. Carrier oils promote skin’s ability to retain moisture, enhance elasticity and healthy skin cells growth.
Basic Carrier Oils: Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond
Small Additions – Base Oils: Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Rosehip, Camellia, Jojoba, Sesame, Sea Buckthorn, Baobab, Calendula.
Hydrosols: Rose, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Sweet orange, Neroli.

Blending For A Baby Skincare

Blending is about combining essential oils with a carrier oil to allow it to be spread on the skin at the low dosages required. Always use a low dilution on your newborn

1 drop of essential oil diluted in 1 Ounce (30ml) of Carrier oil.

– Run the bath as usual, then add 1/4 of diluted oil into the water and swish the water around. Shut the door to keep the aroma in the bathroom.
Dilute in 1 ounce of vegetable oil 1 drop of essential oil, and use 1/4 this amount.

Body Oil – Use the body oil like a body lotion – just smooth it on the skin.
Dilute in 1 ounce of vegetable 0il 0-1 drop of essential oil.

Lotions & Creams
Essential oils can be diluted in materials other than vegetable oils. Always use nonperfumed cream or lotion made of natural ingredients.
Dilute in 1 ounce of lotion 0-1 drop of essential oil.

Pillow Method
This method is usually used to assist breathing and sleeping. Put the essential oil on a corner of a pillow, on the underside, away from the eyes.
Use 1-2 drops of essential oil.

Add 1-4 drops of the essential oil to the water in the humidifier.

Baby Skincare Blends

Baby Teething Blend
1 drop of Roman chamomile essential oil mixed with 30ml of a carrier oil. Massage a small amount of oil into a neck, cheek and behind the ear, avoiding an eye area.

Baby Tummy Blend
1 drop of Roman chamomile essential oil mixed with 30ml of a carrier oil. Massage a small amount of oil into a belly to soothe spasms.

Nappy Care Blend
1 drop of Lavender essential oil mixed with 30ml of a carrier oil. Massage a small amount of oil into the skin to soothe and calm redness and rash.

Sunburn Compress
If you have lavender or camomile hydrolats (or “waters”), use them in the compress method. Soak the compress material in the hydrolat, squeeze it out and place gently over the burnt area of the skin.

Safety First!

Don’t use essential oils neat (undiluted) on the skin.

Keep essential oils away from eyes, neat or diluted.

If your baby is taking medication, reduce the amount of essential oil used by half.

Find a reputable supplier of essential oils and carrier oils.

Always try to buy the best quality carrier oils & essential oils – unrefined and cold-pressed, preferably organic.

Avoid products that contain chemicals, dyes and fragrances, and choose products with natural ingredients as they tend to be more gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin.

Always regard essential oils with respect.

Store essential oils in cool, dark places, away from direct sunlight.

Baby Balm

For all over body nourishment, a multi-tasking baby salve or balm is high on the list of baby care essentials. While creams and lotions are beautifully hydrating, a salve can be used in many ways for both mum and baby.

Baby Massage Oil

It provides a unique, bonding experience between parent and child and when using a good quality oil, it also helps to nourish and protect your baby’s skin.


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