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The Root Chakra and Essential Oils

The Root Chakra and Essential Oils

In Sanskrit , the name of Root Chakra is Muladhara, where Mula means “root” and adhara means “support” or “base”. The journey through the chakras begins with the root chakra. It reflects the degree to which we feel connected to the earth or feel grounded in our daily life and activities.

Root chakra location:  The root chakra is located at the base of the spine corresponding with the perineum, lower spine & physical body support

Body parts effected: Base of the spine, legs, feet and large intestine

Other names: base, coccygeal chakra, Adhara, Muladhara

Colour: Red, as it symbolizes strength and vitality

Element : Earth

Sense: Smell

Mantra: LAM

Essential oils: Myrrh, Vetiver, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Ginger, Cinnamon. They tend to be stabilising and strengthening.

Stones: Garnet, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Ruby or Black Tourmaline, Red Tigers Eye

Balanced Characteristics Of The Root Chakra

When balanced, you feel connected to the world, are able to provide for yourself and your family. You feel secure and safe. The key characterisitcs of strong and ‘spinning’ root chakra are:

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual strenght and confidence
  • Self-care
  • Mental and emotional safety and security
  • A sense of being grounded
  • A  good vitality and ‘zest for life’
  • Being mindful and being still

The Symptoms Of  Imbalanced Root Chakra

The balanced root chakra is a key to our wellbeing — when you are out of balance at the root, you can feel unstable, ungrounded and may be struggling to survive. You may experience:

  • Excessive negativity and cynicism
  • Eating disorders
  • Greed
  • Fears and nightmares
  • Disorders of the bowel and large intestine
  • Feeling unrooted – Foot cramps, Feet issues
  • Anxiety,  insecurity about the purpose of our existence
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Lack of energy

How To Open The Root Chakra

  • Practice regular meditation in the morning or in the evening.  When meditating, chant “Lam” as it is the mantra associated with the Root Chakra.

  • Practice yoga postures like crow pose/squatting, warrior I, padmasana (lotus flexion), tadasana (mountain pose).
  • As red is the color of this chakra, you might want to wear this color or have it around in your house or workplace.
  • Eat red foods like red apples, strawberries, red cabbage, red meats, beets; foods that have roots like carrots and beans; high protein earthy foods like nuts and eggs.
  • Take a moment to be with Mother Earth. Walk in nature or walk barefoot on sand or grass.
  • Do foot soak with essential oils
  • Spend time in your garden.
  • Use affirmations:
    I feel safe and secure in my body and grounded to the earth
    I nurture my body, providing the nourishment it needs to be healthy
    I am calm, I can deal with all life occurrences, I am responsible
  • Last but not least, use essential oils to raise vibrations of the root chakra. The influence that essential oils have on the body, mind and spirit can be adapted to promote balanced chakra functioning.

Essential Oils For the Root Chakra

Essential oils rising depleted and balancing the root chakra are generally strengthening, centring and grounding. Those oils are beneficial for anyone who needs to be brought into close contact with the earth to feel its power and feel ‘rooted’. The association with the color red leads us to plants that have red flowers or essential oils that are red in color.

root chakra

Essential oils such as Vetiver, Myrrh and Patchouli have the greatest benefit when the root chakra is depleted. Vetiver is cool and moist, it clears heat, calms and uplifts. It is grounding, centring and visionary.

“This essential oil connects us to earth’s energies. It is a source of vitial energy and regeneration. the earthy fragrance of the oil supports all of those who have lost touch with the erath and their roots.” – Fisher – Rizzi

When events, thoughts and emotions are holding us in the past and block personal growth, use Frankincense essential oils to cut those ties. As it helps to still the mind, it is recommended for aiding meditation and prayer. Myrrh, just like Frankincense promotes inner stillness and peace, unites the spiritual with the physical.

Cedarwood, is strengthening and fortifying:

“The essential oil of cedarwood is warming, harmonising and thought to be life giving. It calms during times of fear and nervous tension. In difficult situatiuons the oil may provide comfort and warmth, and help stabise energies thrown out of balance.”

The greatest virtue of Sandalwood lies in linking the base chakra with crown chakra. Used during meditation it can help to awaken life force energy. Sandalwood calms and harmonizes on mental and emotional level and helps with grounding of excessive root chakra issues.

Ginger and Cinnamon essential oils are warming, strengthening and encouraging. They will activate a sluggish root chakra.

Essential Oil Blend For Root Chakra

root chakraroot chakra

Mix Frankincense, Vetiver and Palmarosa essential oils with vegetable oil in an amber glass bottle. Apply the Root Chakra Blend to the base of your spine, your feet and wrists before meditation or prayer. Or at any given time of the day or evening.  You can also rub the oil on your neck, your forehead, or into the tips of your hair so you can enjoy the aroma all around you.

I added Palmarosa essential oil to the Root Chakra blend as it encourages free-flowing adaptability and a feeling of security.

Foot Soak Ritual

root chakra

Light a candle, turn on your favorite music and change into comfortable clothing.

Pour warm water into a bowl, add epsom salts and magnesium flakes.

Blend essential oils appropriate for Root Chakra with carrier oil. Including essential oils in foot soak ritual can be a potent way to help you feel grounded. Add 10ml of your blend to a bowl.

Place crystals appropriate for Root Chakra in a bowl.

Let yourself soak in the warmth coming up from your feet to the rest of your body. Simply relax, drink a hot cup of tea, listen to a meditation, or take in a rare moment of silence.

Sit back, feel your feet and rest.

After foot soak, give yourself extra love and spin your Root Chakra by massaging your feet–or ask a loved one to treat you to a foot massage. A foot massage is a great way to balance the root chakra which regulates your sense of groundedness and stability.

Rinse crystals in fresh water and place them in a window sill for the sun and moon to cleanse and charge their energies.

Keep your feet warm.


I would like to end with this very Powerful Sanskrit Mantra to Destroy Fear. Fear of being alone, fear of dying  or financial insecurity are common causes for Root Chakra imbalances. Facing your fears neutralizes them so they’re not fears at all and you can feel liberated.



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